Products sourced to ARM cover
a global market

  • ARM assembles and tests nine models (totaling more than 60 versions) of electronic, high security locks that are marketed globally. In addition, ARM is the only company contracted to build electromechanical locks sold to the U.S. government and military for use on all safes containing classified documents.
  • ARM repairs, refurbishes and ships a wide variety of printers.
  • ARM assembles and inspects a broad range of vacuum cleaner sub-assemblies for an international vacuum retailer.
  • ARM handles post-solder surface mounting, potting, coating and Gen-Rad testing of electronic circuit cards for a major manufacturer in the worldwide electronics industry.


ARM’s multi-faceted facility is designed to handle both large and small jobs.

Our Mission

  • 60,000 square feet of floor space
  • Climate-controlled areas
  • ISO 9002 compliant
  • Quick turnaround times
  • High-quality of work (ARM earned an ‘unconditional approval rating’ during a recent ISO audit by the Federal government.)
  • HUB-Zone Certified

Project Experience:

  • Promotional packaging for Jim Beam
  • Refurbished printers for Lexmark
  • Packaging and distribution for Brunswick Bowling
  • Purchasing and assembly for Matsushita Inc. vacuum cleaners
  • Rework on parts for D.J. Plastic
  • Assembly for Kaba-Mas Inc.
  • Assembly and packaging for Star Manufacturing
  • Assembled computer keyboards for IBM & Lexmark
  • Assembly of chair swivels
  • Card assembly for Dayton Electronics
  • Cable assembly for Georgetown Cable
  • Packaging for GE